GC International is a wholly owned subsidiary of PTT Global Chemical Plc. (“GC”), which is listed on the stock exchange of Thailand with assets more than US$ 15 billion.

With offices in the USA (Houston) and Europe (Amsterdam), GC International plays an important part in leading international expansion of GC’s businesses. To date, we have invested more than US$ 1 billion in international assets across the world, including green, specialty chemicals and technology startups. And we continue to seek new avenues for growth, including via new acquisitions, joint ventures, greenfield developments, and CVC investments.

GC is a world scale petrochemical player with more than 11.2 million tons per annum of aggregate capacity across various chemicals value chain. Our businesses span manufacturing and distribution of upstream, intermediate, and downstream petrochemical products. These products can be converted into other chemical products and serve as basic feedstock for downstream industries such as packaging, apparel, communications and electronic equipment, electrical appliances, vehicles, construction materials, engineering-based plastics, agricultural equipment, and much more.

GC as a Group

Within the GC Group of companies, we have access to diversified group of materials from both within our portfolios and those of our sister companies. For a full list of GC’s subsidiaries and businesses, please visit www.pttgcgroup.com.

Access to Diversified Group of Businesses

GC is a member of the PTT Group of companies, giving us unparalleled access to a diversified group of businesses, including the following flagship businesses:

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