M&A / JVs

GC International is actively exploring new growth opportunities to add on to our existing portfolio. We are especially interested in opportunities that address the global megatrends and enhances our specialty chemicals and downstream portfolios. We have the strategic objectives of growing our international portfolio to 30% of our assets in by 2030.

Biobased & Green

Coatings, Adhesives, Solvents & Elastomers

Advanced Materials

Our Portfolio:

Existing Joint Ventures (JVs)

We own 50% equity interests in NatureWorks. Headquartered in Minnesota, USA, NatureWorks owns and operates the largest commercial plant at 150,000 tons per annum of PLA – a bioplastic developed using proprietary technology from biobased feedstock. NatureWorks develops new product applications, markets and distributes PLA under its Ingeo brand, and currently has representatives in more than 10 countries across all continents.

We own 50% equity interests in Emery Oleochemicals, which owns and operates manufacturing sites in the USA, Germany and Malaysia. With more than 180 years of technical experience, Emery Olechemicals develops, produces and markets products using natural feedstocks across six key platforms: agro-green, bio-lubricants, green-polymer additives, eco-friendly polyols, home and personal wellness, and oleobasic chemicals.

We own approximately 91% of equity interests in Vencorex, which owns and operates manufacturing sites in France, Thailand and the USA. With more than 100 years of history of developments, Vencorex today develops, produces and market products across three key platforms: coatings and adhesives, foams and elastomers, and chemical intermediates.

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