Analyst – Strategic Planning & International Subsidiary Management

Position Title: Analyst – Strategic Planning & International Subsidiary Management
Department: Strategic Planning & Portfolio Management
Reports to: TBD
FLSA Status: Exempt
Date: April 19, 2024
GC International Corp. (“GCI”) is headquartered in Houston, Texas, a mega hub for industrial and petrochemical facilities, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (“GC”), a petrochemical and material conglomerate headquartered in Thailand and listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand with assets more than US$ 15 billion. In addition to serving as a global business development and scouting arm for new businesses, GCI also supports GC in managing several key international joint venture investments in which GC owns at least 50% of the equity interest.
The key responsibilities of this position are:

  • Support our Strategic Planning & Portfolio Management efforts in driving value creation of the international joint venture investments made by GC by focusing on the following perspectives: Joint venture’s progress in delivering the intended strategic objectives
    • Joint venture’s medium and long-term strategic directions and business targets
    • Potential synergies across international joint ventures and with the parent company, GC
    • Funding requirement/structure
    • Risk and resource management at the joint venture
    • Joint venture’s long-term attractiveness based on business performance and market dynamics
    • Options to further optimize the international joint venture investment portfolio via M&A, divestiture, or other means
  • Provide on-going business management support post M&A transaction as may be assigned
  • Support the Strategic Planning & Portfolio Management team in developing the strategic plan for investment

The detailed duties and responsibilities of this position are:

  • Keep up to date with market movements in the industry for issues that may adversely impact strategic direction of the company and joint ventures
  • Conduct detail analyses of the joint venture investments in portfolio, understanding the underlying drivers for under or over performance
  • Conduct performance analysis of GCI joint venture investment portfolio via financial models and highlights areas of concern to Head of Strategic Planning & Portfolio Management
  • Prepare report of analysis for management team in support of options for optimizing the joint venture investment portfolio
  • Assist in the development of business strategies and business plans for the company
  • Implement action plans developed by Head of Strategic Planning & Portfolio Management with the objective of improving the performance and/or enhancing the competitiveness of the international joint venture investments
  • Support all necessary administrative work required to ensure smooth coordination of the business planning process with GC
  • Maintain a close relationship with companies in GCI portfolio to remain up to date with changes in the company that may adversely impact the overall portfolio performance
  • Serve as internal contact/point person for overall investment management support of GC corporate and GCI
  • Maintain close relationship and provide support to related team in ensuring smooth business operations


  • Business, Finance, Data Analytics, Statistics, Economics, Chemical Engineering or a related field
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration is a plus
  • 1-3 years of finance experience in Oil and Gas Industry and/or Petrochemical sector is a plus, FP&A experience preferred


  • Demonstrated ability to analyze and summarize complex financial analyses, operational and KPI data into concise presentations and decision frameworks, on a regular basis
  • Basic understanding of post M&A integration, strategic planning, and portfolio management
  • Global market knowledge, good business understanding, problem-solving skills, and business intuition
  • Analysis of business development opportunities (acquisitions, divestures, etc.)
  • Have exceptional communication skills in drafting analyses reports for senior management team, which must be clear, comprehensive, exhaustive, and easy-to-understand in order to facilitate appropriate decision-making
  • An enthusiasm for making connections with new people, be a good team player, be a self-starter with outstanding work ethic, and have a keen eye for detail
  • Work comfortably in a group/cross-functional setting, have excellent problem-solving skills, and have an ability to remain calm in the face of uncertainty
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint, which will be necessary for the creation of both visually and verbally engaging reports and presentation

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